Why work for us?
At WuXi Biologics, we're committed to supporting our diverse and inclusive workforce across the globe.
3 reasons to join WuXi Biologics
Cultural diversity.
Diverse employees bring together their different talents, experiences and various skill sets.
Personal Development.
Tailored learning and development, tuition assistance and professional certification.
Make a difference.
Participating in the creation of life saving biologics medicines and vaccines.
Our PROUD Culture
"The success of WuXi Biologics is not accidental, it’s because of the right timing, the right environment and right people. We want employees to be PROUD of our achievements and talents".
Dr. Chris Chen, CEO of WuXi Biologics
Support our globalization journey by embracing new opportunities and challenges. PROUD Culture: Passion, Reward, Ownership, Unity and Determination.
Customer Focus Positive Attitude and Energy Continuous Learning
Tackling Tough Tasks Embracing Change Giving Back to Society
Accountability Excellence and Efficiency Honesty and Ethics
Diversity and Inclusion Respect and Communication Teamwork
Strong Execution GROWTH Mindset Calculated Risks
"For me, the PROUD culture means doing my work conscientiously and responsibly, always keeping in mind what impact my actions and the way I do things might have. I see the company as one big team that always shows you how important it is to work together as one unit and pull together."
Agata Dikman, DP7, Production Operator
"PROUD stands for the big picture for me. However, I would particularly emphasize Passion and Unity. Without having a certain passion for research, you would be completely out of place in science. Passion for me also means having fun with what you are doing. For me, Unity stands for the team I work in. Although our team consists of people from a wide variety of countries such as Argentina, Spain, Germany, China, Ireland, India and Turkey, we work together here shoulder to shoulder in a unified way. Multicultural togetherness like here is very rare."
Robin Lemle, QC Wuppertal, Quality Control Microbiological Analyst
"Unity-Diversity and Inclusion: We are one team Germany and only as one team we will succeed. It´s important that we speak with one voice and that we are all aligned about our goals and our mission. That’s one of my main goals in communications to ensure that we have a consistent messaging and that we inform our employees about our common goals through all available channels and thus speak with one voice."
Martin Wans, CCPA, Director Communications & Public Affairs Europe
"As a team at Wuxi, we are very flexible and always help each other with everything tasks and activities. Also, the communication with supervisors, engineers and co-workers is very good, we exchange ideas and find the best solution."
Cemal Dursun, ENG Instandhaltung, Betriebselektriker
"I am forever grateful to my management for showing the trust in me and I am happy that it eventually paid off."
Sri Vignesh Devarjan, Engineering Department, Head of Automation (Interim)
"By embodying the PROUD values of Ownership and Determination, we help to uphold the high standards of WuXi Biologics and contribute to the success of the company."
Xiangting Chen, global PEV, qualification engineer
"What I understand about Proud culture is the ability to resolve and help my colleagues with difficult and daily challenges. I do this with acquired and developed skills and knowledge. As a PROUD employee of WuXi I am customer oriented and have a can-do attitude. "
Nermin Abou Eleinein, Site Head & Support, Administration Assistant
"Out of our PROUD culture in WuXi biologics, Reward is what resonates me as I have always believed in giving back to the society. To be a part of this important task and be able to contribute in order to make significant improvements in the health and quality of life for patients."
Rahul Prajapati, Automation Engineer
"Every module of PROUD culture is sensed always with the daily activity I am living with at WUXIBIOLOGICS, My PASSION enthusiasm for improving more the maintenance strategies for Heating ventilation and air conditioning system is enabling me to pump the limitless power and efforts to achieve the annual goals, and the REWARDS as well is always achievable from the management to encourage me to deliver more efforts, and as a team leader I am keen always to bring back this reward to my team which will bring the right motivation to the whole team."
Mohamed Roushdy, Senior HVAC & Plant Utility Engineer
"The value of unity has been particularly evident in our work as a team. We work together to achieve our common goals, and we support each other both professionally and personally."
Yakun Liu, Spare Parts Engineer, Training Coordinator& Documentation Coordinator
"I feel that despite the titles, we have a horizontal way of working together. In terms of rewards, the learning curve has been steep so all my team and myself have been recognized for our developments and promoted accordingly."
Justyna Goluchowska, QA Department, Associate Director/ QMS & Compliance Lead
Want to find out more about careers at WuXi Biologics?
If you are interested in working with us in the future, please reach out to us by sending your CV or expression of interest to Recruiting_Germany@wuxibiologics.com